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Format: 201 x 156 cm (per tapestry), in total approximately 603 x 312 cm. Edition: 5 series of six tapestries + 1 AP (three complete series available, of two sets the individual tapestries). Available as a series of 6 tapestries and as Individual tapestries. S


ix woven tapestries which combined show a grid of drawn connections between the world’s capital cities. Each tapestry consists of three different shades of red yarn. Together, six different shades of red yarn have been applied. Combined the tapestries show six different color patterns on the front, with the color patterns mirrored on the reverse side.

Material: Cashwool and glow-in-the- dark yarn / Technique: Double weave (the plaids are woven at the Textile Museum in Tilburg,The Netherlands) Color: The determination of colors is based on system features, in this case the numbers derived from the drawn connections between the world’s capital cities. These numbers have subsequently been applied to the RGB color model.The combination of three numbers set the final color value.

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