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Ruiten Alfabet, 2006

Edition: 26. Contents: 10 booklets in a handmade box. Size box: 7.3 x 10.8 in. Paper: biotop 170 grs / 90 grs. Printing: digital printing. 

How to develop a unique and surprising set of checkered patterns? As is the case with Scottish checkered patterns, an underlying system is being used, with its own specific logic. Eight basic color groups, blue, brown, yellow, gray, green, orange, purple and red, form the starting point. Within each color group 26 color related words have been sought, each corresponding with a letter of the alphabet. Through a specific counting system the individual letters that make up a certain word, are converted to numbers, based on mathematic premises. The numbers are applied to an x- and y- axial system. The color of the checkered pattern evolves from the color of the word that is being used. The resulting checkered pattern is being named after the initial letter of the word involved. The total result is a collection of 208 unique checkered patterns.

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