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Portfolio of 9 Silk screen prints. 300 grs. Rives Paper. Size 72 x 72 cm / 28.3 x 28.3 inch. Edition of 26. 2009

The portfolio NINE (2008), is the artist’s ultimate choice of her project to create a series of monochrome compositions of straight horizontals and verticals, based on colour related words.
Nine works have been chosen out of a series of 208 different compositions which were the result of her project “Checker Alphabet” (2006). To originate these compositions the artist developed a system of formal rules to convert colour related words (granite, olive, emerald) into a pattern of horizontals and verticals.
Annesas Appel has chosen eight basic colour groups, blue, brown, yellow, gray, green, orange, purple and red, as a starting point of her project. Within each colour group an A-Z of 26 colour related words have been compiled, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Through a specific counting system the individual letters that make up words, are converted to numbers, based on mathematic premises. 
These numbers are applied to an x- and y- axial system. The colour of the resulting checker pattern evolves from the colour of the word that is being used (for example the red of a tomato). Each pattern is being named after the initial letter of the word involved. The total result is a collection of 208 unique works.
NINE is a selection of ni

ne works on paper out of these 8 colour-series, printed in silk screen. Printed by: Zeger Reijers. Published by: Johan Deumens, Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Nine is een keuze  uit de 208 verschillende composities die het resultaat zijn van het project Ruiten Alfabet (2006).

Het project gaat om een serie van monogrome composities van horizontale en verticale lijnen, gebaseerd op kleur gerelateerde woorden. Om tot deze composities te komen is heeft appel een systeem ontwikkeld om de kleurgerelateerde woorden (graniet, olijf, tomaat enz) omtezetten in een compositie van horizontale en verticale lijnen. 

Portfolio van 9 zeefdrukken. Papier 300 grams Rives. Formaat prenten 72 cm x 72 cm. Ingelijst 80 x 80 cm. In een handgemaakte box door Studio Kadra, Amsterdam. Gedrukt door Zeger Reijers. Uitgegeven door Johan Deumens, Haarlem.

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