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layered base 


With the world of numbers and the 10 colors (derived from the Munsell color system) as a starting point, I am creating new visual language. The specific shape of the numbers are the basic grid. It provides structure and gives me the freedom to build on; what happens if I overlap them, what shapes and colors become visible? What landscape arises in the excisions of the image?


In LAYERED BASE the numbers 0 to 9 are superimposed. Within this stack, the numbers 00 to 99 are highlighted. Each print is a different 2-digit number. Because every number has their own color, a new blend of colors is created in the overlapping areas. The book contains all images of the numbers 00-99.

Content: 10 booklets with prints of the numbers 00-99 organized by color.  Binding: Japanese folded, cold glued, handmade.  Printing: Digital.

Paper: Shoji 48 grams.  Size: 21 x 28 cm. The Linen box is made by, haarlem  Size of the box: 23 x 30,4 x 6 cm.  Edition: 10 + 1 a.p. 

Year of publication: 2023

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