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Border Frequencies, 2012

Border lines on maps vary from nearly straight lines and smooth waves to meandering, peaks and troughs movements. In her 2007 artist’s book “Atlas in Lines” Annesas Appel has fold-out the borders of countries to reveal their specific irregularities. A personally developed system ‘reinterprets’ these lines, leading to a new basic structure of specific lines. Each of these revised lines is being displayed as an autonomous entity in the book. In the work "Border Frequencies", the artist returns to her basic data of fold-out border lines, now arranged in order of their frequencies, or in other words the amplitude of the line compared to the average. (As if the irregularities in form are measures of its change over a period of time.) There are four prints in different natural colors going from rippling lines on print one to hectic waves on print four.

Series of four Piezoprints, each 70 x 100 cm. Edition 8 + 2AP. Complete series (Edition: 5) or individual prints (Edition:3). 

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