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Asian tapir

zw 03.jpg

Banded butterflyfish

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Common murre

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zw 06.jpg

Eurasian coot

zw 07.jpg

Four stripe damsel

zw 08.jpg

Giant panda

zw 09.jpg

Humboldt penguin

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Ironclad Beetle

zw 11.jpg

Jolly Roger

zw 12.jpg

Killer whale

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zw 14.jpg

Male Smew

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Northeastern hill krait

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zw 18.jpg

Question Mark Roaches

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Raching flag

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zw 21.jpg

Trumpeter swan

zw 22.jpg

Universal product code

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Valais Blacknose

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White Tern

zw 25.jpg

Xalda sheep

zw 26.jpg

Yin and yang

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zw 28.jpg

Zebra swallowtail

black-white checkered patterns alphabet

Portfolio of 26 prints plus title/colophon page, and index page. Digitally printed on Shoji Japanese paper 48 grs. Size of the prints: 270 x 270 mm. In a white cardboard box. 2017

This Black & White series is a one-off work related to Ruiten Alphabet (Checkered Patterns Alphabet), 2006 which was based on 8 color groups:blue, brown, yellow, gray, green, orange, purple and red. Within each color group 26 color related words have been sought, each corresponding with a letter of the alphabet. Through a specific counting system the individual letters that make up a certain word, are converted to numbers, based on mathematic premises. The numbers are applied to an x- and y- axial system. The color of the checkered pattern evolves from the color of the word that is being used. The resulting checkered pattern is being named after the initial letter of the word involved. The total result is a collection of 208 unique checkered patterns.The same transformation procedure has been followed for the words in the Black & White Alphabet series as mentioned above.

Voor dit zwart en wit ruitenalfabet, is bij elke letter van het alfabet een zwart-wit gerelateerd voorwerp gezocht: Asian tapir, Universal Product code, Ying and yang etc. Dat woord wordt d.m.v. een zelfontworpen telsysteem omgezet in een ruit, met behulp van een grid waarmee een woord in lijnen geschreven kan worden.  

Portfolio van 26 prints, een titel pagina/colophon en een index. Digitaal geprint op shoji japans papier 48 grs. Formaat van de prints: 27 x 27 cm. Oplage van 26 + 2 a.p.